CE Webinar Series for Oral Health Programs

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Dori Bingham, Program Manager/Senior Analyst

Fundamentals of Success for Oral Health Programs

The goal of this three-part webinar series is to educate, empower and enable participants to build a strong and stable foundation for oral health program success. At the conclusion of this series, participants will understand how to create and manage a health center oral health program that is results-oriented, financially responsible and hardwired for success. Each webinar will be 60 minutes in length, including time at the end for questions and discussion.

Webinar One

Defining and Measuring Success

September 17, 2019  12pm ET
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If you are a dental leader, have you ever been given goals for your dental program that did not make sense or felt impossible to achieve? If you are a member of the administrative leadership team, you probably are very comfortable defining success for the medical side of the health center, but do you feel less confident when determining which measures should be used to define dental program success?

This session will provide specific and actionable information to help health center administrative and dental leadership create access, productivity, revenue and outcome goals for their oral health programs that are appropriate, meaningful and achievable. Since no two dental programs are alike, for each of the goal areas (access, productivity, revenue and outcomes), we will provide tips and tools to help leaders create program-specific goals.

The cornerstone of a successful dental program is the ability to use data to identify when things are working well, but more importantly, when things are not. Having timely, accurate and meaningful data will enable and empower you to make informed decisions and evaluate the results of strategies to improve your dental program.

Attend this webinar and learn how to take guesswork out of the running of your dental program!

Learning Objectives

The common FQHC benchmarks relevant to oral health

How to set appropriate goals for your dental program

What data to track to evaluate the performance of your dental program

Where this data is often found

How to create an effective process for dental program evaluation

Webinar Two

Maximizing Dental Program Success

October 8, 2019  12pm ET
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While there are many components to dental program success, a few elements are absolutely essential. In our first session, we provided guidance on how to set program-specific goals for your dental program and how to monitor whether your program is successfully meeting those goals.

With good planning and solid control over dental operations, safety net dental programs have a strong likelihood of success. But what if the story the data is telling is not all good news? This webinar will provide guidance on how to manage and troubleshoot several dental program elements that are necessary for success, including minimizing chaos and unpredictability, maximizing provider productivity, developing excellence in revenue cycle management and techniques for effective communication and building accountability.

Get on top of these key systems and operations, and you will be well positioned for success with your dental program!

Learning Objectives

Learn strategies for managing emergencies, broken appointments and demand for care

Learn strategies for maximizing access and provider productivity

Understand the essentials of effective revenue cycle management

Learn how to optimize communication, buy-in and staff accountability

Webinar Three

Getting or Keeping Your Dental Program on the Right Track

October 22, 2019  12pm ET
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Perhaps you are getting ready to start a new oral health program at your health center and want to make sure you get off on the right foot. Maybe you started your dental program a year or two ago, and you are struggling to find that recipe for success. Or perhaps you have had your dental program for a while and are looking to make it stronger. If any of those sound familiar, this webinar is for you!

In this session, we will chart the path to dental program success for those determined to get started right on the right foot or looking to return to the right path. Some of the topics covered in this session include, defining the appropriate patient/payer mix, selecting the right scope of service, making the most of your dental resources, having a sound clinical plan, hiring the right staff for your program design, setting fees and crafting a strategic and HRSA-compliant sliding fee discount schedule, creating the infrastructure for effective billing and collections and considerations for integration of oral health into physical health.

Attend this session to learn what you can do to avoid pitfalls and make your dental program strong and successful.

Learning Objectives

Understand the important elements that comprise the dental business plan

Understand the impact of patient and payer mix on program success

Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your dental program resources

Understand the fundamental HRSA requirements for the setting of fees and discounts

Learn strategies for expanding dental care beyond the chair through integration and outreach

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