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Our Legacy

D4 Practice Solutions is an experienced dental consulting group that provides practice management services to a wide range of practice types, from DSOs to individual private practices to health centers and other safety net dental programs. Our comprehensive approach starts with a deep dive into practice operations through an exhaustive analysis of practice data and a combination of in-person and virtual interviews with key practice stakeholders. While our clients may look very different from one another, they all share a common desire to reduce unpredictability, enhance staff dynamics and accountability, maximize patient access and outcomes, operate more efficiently, increase patient engagement and improve financial performance. Our process uncovers the barriers to success, enabling us to develop individualized improvement plans designed to guide clients to achieve the results they envision for their dental practices.

History of D4 Practice Solutions

D4 Practice Solutions was founded in 2019 by Dr. Mark J. Doherty and Dori Bingham. Before D4, the duo founded Safety Net Solutions, a program of the DentaQuest Institute (now CareQuest). During their tenure with Safety Net Solutions (2006-2019), Mark and Dori, with the support of DentaQuest and the assistance of outstanding colleagues and team members, grew the program into a nationally recognized leader in dental practice management. Their program was founded in a sound understanding of the fundamentals of successful dental practices combined with empathy, flexibility and integrity.

In 2019, Mark and Dori launched D4 Practice Solutions to continue to provide dental practice management support to health centers and other dental programs serving disadvantaged populations. Their approach was simple: take the time to learn as much as possible about the dental program through collection  and analysis of data, site visits and one-on-one interviews with leadership, staff and key stakeholders. After gaining a thorough understanding of the unique challenges each program faced as well as potential missed opportunities, Dori and Mark created an individualized improvement plan to help the client better manage their challenges and optimize their operations. Mark and Dori knew that client support was an essential component of their ability to make the changes necessary to strengthen their dental programs. Their fundamental goal with each project was to build relationships of trust and rapport with program staff and leadership that would promote success through shared engagement and hard work.

As D4 grew, new members were added to the virtual team (Project Managers and Expert Advisors), as well as core staff, notably Andrea Dickhaut, Mindy Diggan, Dr. Mark E. Doherty and Jennifer Redding. Each D4 project team was carefully chosen to provide the expertise and support needed by the specific client and to carry out the D4 mission of providing practical, achievable strategies for dental program improvement with a focus on empathy, flexibility and integrity.

In 2022, Mark passed away after a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. Dori moved into a Senior Advisor role with the company, Mindy Diggan became Managing Director and Mark’s son, Dr. Mark E. Doherty, became CEO. At the end of 2023, Dori officially retired after 40+ years in the workforce and is now happily focused on improving her painting and pickleball skills and catching up on her reading. While Mark and Dori are no longer part of D4 Practice Solutions, their contributions to the company and dental practice management live on.

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