DSO/Large Group Practice

With close to 100 years of combined dental consulting experience, D4 works with emerging DSOs, existing DSOs, and group practices in multiple areas of focus that support growth, increased profitability, improved practice culture, and effective communication. With the guidance and support of the D4 team, practices become less chaotic, more productive, and efficient, and increase the value of the dental practice.

We understand that all DSOs and groups will have different goals; therefore, D4 provides a variety of customizable services and a range of support options to DSOs and group practices to meet your stated goals.

Our Services

DSO Consulting

We will work with your DSO to conduct a comprehensive analysis and build a plan for growth and improvement that aligns with your vision and long-term goals. This process will provide valuable insights that will lead to improved culture, effective management, and ultimately profitability for your organization.

Focused Site Analysis

If you have identified a specific location or area of challenge within your DSO/group, we can provide an in-depth analysis of that area to determine the root cause of the issue, along with opportunities to improve.

Interim Program/Operations Manager

For dental practices looking for a Dental Operations Director, D4 Practice Solutions offers the service of Interim Dental Operations Director. This is an interim position reporting to the CEO. This position is responsible for general oversight and consultation of all dental operations, including front desk operations, billing, accounting, and finance. The Operations Director collaborates with the COO, CFO, Dental Director (DD), Lead Dentist (LD) and Practice Administrator (PA) regarding any decisions to be made.

Interim Dental Director

For dental practices looking for a Dental Director, D4 Practice Solutions offers the service of Interim Dental Director. This is a position responsible for general supervision, administering and maintaining a program of preventive, restorative and emergency dental care in a community based oral health care setting. The Dental Director supervises the lead dentist (LD), dental providers and staff of the dental clinics offering advice on clinical workflow, establishing policies and procedures, and performing bi-annual Quality Assurance Audits. The Dental Director collaborates with the COO, CFO, LD, and Practice Administrator (PA) regarding any decisions to be made.

Change Management Support

Growth and change can be challenging for everyone involved. If you have recently experienced rapid growth, D4 can help to ease the transition for dental practice staff after purchasing a new practice. With our knowledgeable dental experts, D4 can provide invaluable support, communication, and dental-focused expertise to help your DSO connect with your new practices and foster a supportive culture and relationship.

Revenue Cycle Management

If you are struggling with billing and collections, we can help! We have staff who are experts in the revenue cycle who will conduct an analysis to identify the issues holding you back from getting fully paid for the work being done in your dental program. In addition to uncovering the root causes, we will develop practical solutions to get your revenue cycle back on solid footing.

Leadership and Practice Culture

Leadership within the dental practice creates the foundation of what a successful practice and culture could and should look like. Unfortunately, leadership is not taught in dental school, and in today’s demanding environment, it can be challenging to create and sustain a positive practice culture. D4 provides coaching in both areas to build a more profitable business.

The D4 Difference

We understand that true change does not happen overnight. At D4, we remain engaged with you for an extended period of time to allow us to provide ongoing support during the implementation of recommended strategies.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in the list above, reach out to us today to learn how we can customize a unique strategy for your group or DSO.

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