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Practice Management Consulting

Personalized and practical practice management consulting that improves access, outcomes, quality, and financial viability.

New Practice Starts

Custom guidance and solutions to plan, develop and launch a meaningful and sustainable oral health program.

Interim Dental Director

For dental practices looking for a Dental Director, D4 Practice Solutions offers the service of Interim Dental Director. This is a position responsible for general supervision, administering and maintaining a program of preventive, restorative and emergency dental care in a community based oral health care setting. The Dental Director supervises the lead dentist (LD), dental providers and staff of the dental clinics offering advice on clinical workflow, establishing policies and procedures, and performing bi-annual Quality Assurance Audits. The Dental Director collaborates with the COO, CFO, LD, and Practice Administrator (PA) regarding any decisions to be made.

Assessment of Existing Dental Programs

If your dental program needs a “tune-up” or even a complete reset, D4 Practice Solutions is here to help! Our intensive process combines data analysis with virtual and in-person interviews to identify the barriers to dental program success. We then develop individualized improvement plans that serve as the road map to help the dental program maximize access, outcomes, and revenue while operating more efficiently and effectively. Our process includes support, coaching, and assistance as the client implements their improvement plan.

Needs Assessments and Feasibility Studies

Before moving forward with a plan to expand an existing dental program or create a new program, we recommend that clients conduct an in-depth needs assessment that looks at the sociodemographics of the proposed service area, oral health status indicators, access barriers, potential competition for priority patients, the reimbursement environment for oral health, Medicaid enrollment and utilization and dental workforce, to name a few.

Feasibility studies build on the information obtained through the needs assessment to answer critical questions about whether the time is right for the expansion or creation of a dental program, what the proposed expansion or new start should look like (eg, structural components such as physical infrastructure, service delivery, and staffing models) and what the project business plan would look like (visit projections, revenue and cost projections, etc.).

New Dental Programs

If you are new to dental and worried about “getting it right” from the beginning, look to us! D4 Practice Solutions has worked with many clients who are starting up a dental program for the first time. We offer an “a la carte” approach to the work based on where our clients are in the new start process—from the feasibility study to site selection, space planning, equipment decisions, staffing models, business plan development, defining crucial systems and operations, interviewing key staff, developing workflows and creating a process for ongoing program evaluation. Wherever you are in your journey of starting a new dental program, give us a call and let’s explore how we might help.

Revenue Cycle Assessments

If you are struggling with billing and collections, we can help! We have staff who are experts in the revenue cycle, who will conduct a forensic analysis to identify the issues holding you back from getting fully paid for the work being done in your dental program. In addition to uncovering the root causes, we will develop practical solutions to get your revenue cycle back on solid footing.

Medicaid Compliance Chart Reviews

If you are concerned that coding, documentation, or revenue cycle issues are putting your practice at risk of a Medicaid audit, give us a call. A systematic review of charts will identify any practices that may be problematic and enable us to provide concrete guidance on how to mitigate your risk.


D4 Practice Solutions partners with other organizations such as Primary Care Associations, Departments of Health, and private foundations on training and workshops on a wide range of dental practice management topics. Training can be as short as one hour or as long as two days and done virtually or in person. If you have a training idea or need, give us a call, and let’s discuss!

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